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BTP-R880NP Thermal Receipt Printers BTP-R880NP Thermal Receipt Printer... The BTP-R880NP thermal receipt printer is a second generation NP class printer produced by SNBC – a leading manufacturer of printers and thermal print heads.
BTP-R580 Thermal Receipt Printers BTP-R580 Thermal Receipt Printer... No Brick! In addition to having a built-in power supply, the unique design of the BTP-R580 makes it intrinsically spill-proof and perfect for installations subjected to liquid spillage. With a front paper exit, it fits perfectly in tight environments. At a blazing 230 mm/second, the BTP-R580 is the fastest in its class.
BTP-M280 Impact Receipt Printers BTP-M280 Impact Receipt Printer ... Clamshell Design Impact & Dual interface! USB interface is on the main board. The BTP-M280 Series is ideal for kitchen and bar requisition applications.
BTP-L580 Thermal Label Printers BTP-L580 Thermal Label Printer... The versatile BTP-L580 printer produces direct thermal labels for retail, hospitality, logistics, factory and many other applications.
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